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A Film of Cinema

“Father, what is cinema?” A FILM OF CINEMA is about Bebel, the daughter of a film director in crisis, who wants to make a movie with her friends for a school project. The making of the film turns into a great adventure, and takes Bebel, her family and her friends to a wonderous trip through the history of cinema.

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Original Title:Um Filme de Cinema
English Title: A Film of Cinema
Spanish Title: Una Pelicula de Cine
Brazil / 2017 / 84min
Genre / Gênero: Family/ Fiction
Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Project Status: Ready to be delivered
Directed by / Direção: Thiago B. Mendonça


FRIENDSHIP deals with people living on the triple border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, one of the most complex commercial centers on the planet, where millions of dollars of goods circulate legally and illegally, and thousands of people, whites, mestizos and Indians, people from the East and the West, rich and poor, who, mingle and condensate in the same path that they cross at the frontier every day, some of the continent's most serious problems: the boundaries between right and wrong, legal and illegal, between a world framed by the Western capitalism, and another, anarchic, rebellious, and survivor

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Original Title: TEKOAYHU
English Title: FRIENDSHIP
Spanish Title: AMISTAD
Brazil, Paraguai, Argentina / 2019 / 79min
Genre / Gênero: Documentary
Original Language: Spanish/ Brazilian Portuguese
Project Status: Ready to be delivered/ First Run
Directed by / Direção: Chico Faganello

New Movies

Inside the dog’s head/ Na cabeça do cachorro 

The film is a dip in the Amazon region on the border of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela, in order to register disease and healing stories where Indians and foreigners are reinventing their values and giving rise to a new identity, hybrid, which synthesizes cultures of the two experiments

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Original Title:Na Cabeça do Cachorro
English Title: Inside the dog’s head
Spanish Title: Cabeza del Perro
Brazil / 2017 / 54min / FULL HD
Genre / Gênero: Documentary
Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Project Status: Ready to be delivered
Directed by / Direção: Raquel Seixas De Almeida Prado

Kalanga - Kalanga


Upon turning seven years-old, Vinci (Lucca Rocha) receives a gift from his mother - Lucia (Ingra Lyberato), the bicycle that belonged to his father - Ramiro (Leonardo Machado), which had been kept under lock and key since his mysterious disappearance, shortly before Vinci's birth. Now, influenced by his grandfather - Teobaldo (Milton Mattos) and with the help of Dorim (Náthali Seleprim) and Luban (Erik Kauã), his two best friends, Vinci is determined to cross the fearsome highway that separates Kalanga from the big city, and find his father.

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Original Title:Kalanga
English Title: Kalanga
Spanish Title: Kalanga
Brazil / 2017 / 85min
Genre / Gênero: Fiction
Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Project Status: Ready to be delivered
Directed by / Direção: Rogério Rodrigues
Cast / Elenco: Ingra Lyberato, Leonardo Machado and a great cast

Amando a Carolina (English: Loving Carolina / Spanish: Amando a Carolina)

Diego is an urban citizen who loves Carolina, a beautiful Brazilian woman who loves Daniel. All meet each other in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Daniel goes back to Brazil, Carolina goes after him and Diego goes after her. Everything goes wrong but they find theirselves in the jorney. Diego writes a book about his history that becomes a bestseller.

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Argentina / Brazil, 2017, 90 Minutes
Original Languague : Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese
Subtitles: English and Brazilian Portuguese
Directed , Produced and written by: Martin Viaggio
Cast :Guillermo Pfening , Bela Carrijo (Brasil) , Daniel Alvim (Brasil) , Mercedes Catoni , Part Especial: Helena Ranaldi (Brasil)
Project Status: Ready to be delivered

Fatima’s Syndrome / Sindrome de Fatima
A mother’s love can go far. Too far.

Fatima has always cultivated a close relationship with her children, taking their care to the most extreme and obscure acts a mother can take. After her death, her son Elias tries to stay sane facing the excessive care of his brother, family, and friends. But strange events in his home indicate that the ties between Fatima and the children are much stronger than he imagined.

Trailer: Click here
Pôster: Click here Original Title: Síndrome de Fátima
English Title: Fatima’s Syndrome
Spanish Title: Síndrome de Fátima
Brazil / 2018 / 65min
Genre / Gênero: Suspense/Horror
Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Project Status: Ready to be delivered
Directed by / Direção: Luciana Stipp and Jonathan Mendonça

Real: The Plan Behind History

Brasília, May 1993. After a sequence of economic plans that did not work, the country is led to hyperinflation. A select team of economists is recruited and protected in a bunker against political pressure. They immerse themselves in the mission of reforming the state. To do so, they create and implement a plan for economic reforms and stabilization of the economy, which would be called the Real Plan.
Awards: Best adapted screen at Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix (Brazilian Oscar).

Subtitled Trailer: Click here
Pôster: Click here Original Title: Real: O Plano por Trás da História
English Title: Real: The Plan Behind History
Spanish Title: Real: El Plan por detrás de la historia
Brazil / 2017 / 105min / FullHD
Genre / Gênero: Fiction/Drama
Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Project Status: Ready to be delivered
Directed by / Direção: Rodrigo Bittencourt
Cast: Emilio Orciollo, Bemvindo Sequeira, Fernando Eiras, Guilherme Weber, Mariana Lima , Cassia Kiss, Paolla Oliveira


Constant news in the international and national media, the "Presidio Central" at Porto Alegre is the focus of the documentary Central. Through the reports of the prisoners, military police and visitors, besides of authorities analyses, are characterized the everyday and the hard reality of the prison, which was reported to the OEA for breach the human rights and defined as the "The Dungeon of 21 century" by the CPI of the Brazilian prison system.

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Brazil, 2017, 86 Minutes
Original Languague : Brazilian Portuguese
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Directed by: Tatiana Sager
Inspired at the Book “ Falange Gaúcha “from Renato Dornelles
Written by: Renato Dornelles
Produced by: Beto Rodrigues , Tatiana Sager , Raquel Sager
Project Status: Ready to be delivered
Awards: -Festin 2016 Festival de Cinema Itinerante da Língua Portuguesa / Award Best Documentary
- XXXIII Prêmio Direitos Humanos de Jornalismo - Award Best Documentary
- Seleção Oficial Festival do Rio 2016.

Amazonas - 6 visions of the Rainforest
Screening - Wednesday 30th 18h00 - Cinemark Puerto Madero room 1


A man struggling against nature. A community outreach through humor. A student working on her thesis while her tutor tries to conquer. A Spanish explorer of the time of the conquest experience the grandeur of the forest. A man is rescued by his daughter an empty existence. In a hypothetical alteration of the story the actor Klaus Kinski is killed by an Amazonian leader.

Trailer: Click here and use password AMAZONASTRAILER
Poster: Click here
Official site: Click here
Original Title:Amazonas- 6 visiones de la selva
English Title: Amazonas 6 Visions of the Rainforest - Madremonte ( Mother Nature ) , El cuento del venado (The Tale of deer), Tesis (The Thesis) , Las Amazonas(The Amazons ), Payaso( The Clown) , Killing Klaus Kinski .
Colombia / 2016 / 94min
Genre / Gênero: Fiction ( with one vision Documentary )
Original Language: Spanish, Ticuna,Tucano, English
Subitles/ Legendas: English
Written By / Escrito por: Spiros Stathoulopoulos, Carlos Moreno, Javier Mejía, Antonio von Hildebrand,Matías Maldonado, Alonso Torres
Directed by / Direção: (following the order above ) Jorge Navas / Lucas Maldonado & Matias Maldonado / Maria Gamboa / Carlos Moreno / Javier Mejia / Spiros Stathoulopoulos
Produced By / Produção: Antonio Von Hildebrand , Emiliano Mansilla ,David Corredor
Cast / Elenco: Alberto Valdiri (Qepd)-, Harlod Devasten- David Ortiz-Christian Tappan- Angel Becasino

The Shadow of the Surface - A Superfície da Sombra
Screening - Wednesday 30th 9h30 - Cinemark Puerto Madero room 1


Full of mystery, the plot tells the history of Tony (Leonardo Machado), a lonely man who travels to the extreme south of the country at the request of a former girlfriend who is dying and needs to tell you something.
He arrives late, she died overnight, but finds Blanca (Giovana Echeverria), a girl with many stories to be revealed.
Based on the novel written by Tailor Diniz, , "The Shadow of the Surface" is the first film spoken openly in "portunhol", mixing languages, dialects, customs and cultures of Brazil and Uruguay.
This is also the first feature film shot in the city of Chuy, the southernmost point of Brazil.
Uruguayan Cesar Troncoso acts in the role of an intriguing stunt gravedigger and tango singer.

Trailer: Click here
Brazil , 2015, 89 min
Drama / Fiction
Original Languague : Brazilian Portuguese ( and Spanish )
Director & Script: Paulo Nascimento
Based in the novel of Tailor Diniz: Click here
Produced by : Paulo Nascimento, Marilaine Castro da Costa e Leonardo Machado
Photo : Renato Falcão
Executive Producers : Marilaine Castro da Costa e Leonardo Machado
Cast :Leonardo Machado ( Tony ) Em Teu Nome ,Valsa para Bruno Stein, A Casa Verde
Giovana Echeverria ( Blanca Lucia ) - Malhação e Vidas em Jogo
Cesar Troncoso ( Domiciano Milagros ) – de El baño del papa, Hoje, Em teu nome, Faroeste Caboclo,. Melhor ator em Gramado por A Oeste do Fim do mundo
Marcelo Crawshaw, Sirmar Antunes, Nelson Diniz, Carlos Falero.

Samba & Jazz: Rio de Janeiro – New Orleans


Samba & Jazz: Rio de Janeiro - New Orleans seeks to demonstrate the synergy between samba and jazz and the cities of Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans - considered the birthplace of jazz. The film invites the viewer to travel to a backdrop of beautiful scenery and good music, through a century of history and customs. Exposes the similarity of musical and behavioral aspects of these two cities, from the perspective of those who understand about this subject: samba and jazz musicians. In addition to portray popular festivals and testimonials, genuine artistic manifestation of distant peoples, with a feeling in common : a passion for music

Trailer ( subtitled in English ) Click here
Country/ País: Brazil
Original Language: Portuguese & English
Subtitles: English / Portuguese/ French / Italian and Spanish
Year / Ano de produção: 2015
Available Immediately Worldwide ( Disponível Imediatamente ) ( It will be released in Cinema on November 12th / Avail for Pay Tv in Brazil on 2022 , depending on the proposal, we can revert this date )
To be released in Theaters in Brazil on November 12th
Minutes / Duração: 86 minutos ( second option cut for TV - 50 min )
Format: HD
Filmed in: Brazil and USA / Brasil e Estados Unidos
Director / Diretor: Jefferson Mello
Produced by / Produzido: Lara Velho
Genre / Gênero: Documentary / Documentário
Classificação etária: Livre
Official site:
Fan Page:

The Trilogy Of Real Life / A Trilogia da Vida Real


The Trilogy Of Real Life tells in3 feature films the story of three police officers : Janete, Carlão e Hector, starting from the dishonorable expulsion of the trio from the Civil Police investigation department.

Now they are in different professions and activities, they are looking out for themselves:

The first film takes place at a hospital, where Janete writes compulsively while accompanying her father, and develops an amazing action plot, originating the insubordinate Diana, who becomes the alter ego of Janete.
The second feature “Toro” tells the story of a former police officer named Carlão. Carlão has been a playboy, a junkie, a drug dealer, has even been a man of honor once, but this one he lost in the years he spent behind bars. Now the ex-convict is a taxi driver living in an eternal agony, trying to vent his own prejudices in a human fighting ring. It is in these duels that he became Toro, the champion. Turns out that Carlão forgot to bury his old identity six feet under the ground. Now his past is back vowing revenge and making him confront his most intimate doubts, the ones he most abhors.
In the third and final film is Hector - we will see that It is impossible to understand the ways that our mind can take in order to suppress the pain. In a dangerous psychological journey the former police, "Hector", aka "latrine"(a troubled personality still present in him), lives his past in the present in order to find answers to ease their anxieties and discover their guilt for the redemption of his sins ( days of drugs and alcohol ) , since he is now an evangelist and tries to find strength in religious faith.

Trailer: Click here
Created, Written And Directed By : Edu Felistoque
Script : Silvia Lourenço e Júlio Meloni
Cast: Silvia Lourenço, Rodrigo Brassoloto, Sergio Cavalcante
Country: Brazil
Genre : Fiction
Minutes : 3 x 90"
Original Language : Brazilian Portuguese
Subtitles : English

Black & White (aka Crosses and Stars)
Screening Wednesday December 2nd 10:30 Cinemark Puerto Madero theater 2


Inspired by true events, BLACK & WHITE follows the incredible journey of international detectives and nazi hunters that go all the way down to Brazil and launch an undercover operation to track nazi criminals in South America. Events take a wild turn when the detectives encounter a Strong Neo nazi army ready for battle led by Freddie, an aggressive heavy metal vocalist who is also involved in international human trafficking. In face of the unforeseen threats, the detectives are forced to adopt a risky and unorthodox strategy that unfolds into a dangerous game. If you think History may never repeat itself... think again.

Trailer (Original in English): Click here
Trailer (Subtitled in Portuguese): Click here
Poster: Click here
Original Title: Black & White
English Title: Black & White
Brazil, 2015, 92 Minutes
Genre / Gênero: Fiction
Original Language: English & Brazilian Portuguese
Subitles/ Legendas: English
Written And Directed By / Escrito e Dirigido: Tristan Aronovich
Executive Producer / Produção Executiva: Amanda Maya
Produced By / Produção: Luciana Stipp & Tristan Aronovich
Cast / Elenco: Tristan Aronovich , Amanda Maya , Chad Christopher , Marjo Riikka Makela , Jodi Nelson , Eric Sherman , Eduardo Reiner , Luciana Stipp

Farewell / A Despedida


Based on a true story and biographical references, FAREWELL (2014) is a Brazilian feature film, written and directed by the filmmaker Marcelo Galvão and produced by Gatacine Produções.
The film tells the story of Admiral (Nelson Xavier), a man who was always very active and a bon vivant in the past but began to face a series of difficulties due to old age, despite the youthful spirit and relentless libido. At the age of 92, he is fully aware of his fragility, which makes simple daily tasks like getting out of bed, putting on a shoe and crossing the street, a big challenge.
One day, he decides to go out, resolve his pending issues and fulfill the desire to see one last time the great love of his life, his mistress (Juliana Paes), a woman who is 55 years younger and madly in love with him.
This is Gatacine’s sixth feature film and the first in which Marcelo Galvão had the chance to explore a whole new theme, romance. Very different from Galvão’s other films, FAREWELL shows that when it comes to dreaming and loving, age is not an issue. Farewell talks about true love, without limits or discrimination. A unique film that through editing and the protagonist’s performances it allows us to see it through a new light, not only as mere spectators but also as characters ourselves” highlights the director.

FAREWELL was first screened on August 8th 2014 on the opening night of the 42nd Gramado Film Festival. It won four Kikito Awards, for Best Director (Marcelo Galvão), Best Actor (Nelson Xavier), Best Actress (Juliana Paes) and Best Cinematography (Eduardo Makino).

This is Galvão’s second feature film competing in the Gramado Film Festival. In 2012 Galvão’s film “BUDDIES” (starred by three actors with Down syndrome in the leading roles) won the awards for, Best Film, Best Art Direction and Honorable Mention to the three protagonists) bringing it to a total of five Kikito awards.

Trailer:Click here
Poster: Click here
Director : Marcelo Galvão ( Buddies )
Production Country: Brazil
Minutes : 90"
Original Language : Portuguese
Cast: Juliana Paes, Nelson Xavier
Awards: Festival de Cinema Latino de Gramado 2014 ( Brazil ) - AWARDED WITH 4 KIKITOS IN GRAMADO : BEST ACTOR / ACTRESS / DIRECTOR and PHOTO

Street Performers / Buscando Buskers


Documentary series ( 12 x 24 ‘ ) of street performers. The series will be made in several Brazilian capitals where artist has the freedom of expression in public spaces. They have guaranteed rights to - receive donations without being interpreted as illegal trade - perform in public places without permission, and - use sound equipment, as long as respecting the noise limits.

Project: Click Here
Video reference - not a pilot (password:buskers): Click Here
Concept, Written and Directed by: Edu Felistoque
Production Country: Brazil
Episodes : 12 episodes x 24 minutes each
Starting Date: August ,2015
Edu Felistoque - Producer and Director ( i.e BIPOLAR ) , is one of the most importante executive Producers in Brazil

Pacemaker - Rafinha Bastos / Marcapasso - Rafinha Bastos


At YouTube since October 2013, this channel is a content partnership with Rafinha and director Leo Rapini that tells stories of real people in an authentic and inspiring way. The project follows a documentary line, with high aesthetic quality and focused web edition. The channel has, in principle, four series:

Trailer: Click here
Director / Writer: Leo Rapini
Presenting: Rafinha Bastos
Country: Brazil
Minutes : 1-5"
Format: Youtube
Original Language : Portuguese
2013, Shorts

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